The application deployed and First-Time setup was successful, however you are unable to proceed further with the Admin App settings page or you get an error message saying that the key and secret can not be used in that state.


Admin App secret configuration and/or Azure SQL configuration values became corrupted for whatever reason.

Steps for Recovering the Application

1) Clear Configuration Parameters & Force Admin App's First-Time Setup

On this step, we need to clear all the data records created during first time setup.

  1. Please make sure to stop ODS API and Admin App websites under IIS or within the Azure portal App Service.

            Ex (in Azure):  EdFiOdsApiWebSite-{environment}-{resourceGroupid}


      2. Connect to SQL Server on SSMS or use Azure Query Editor

      3. Select the EdFi_Admin database.

      4. Execute the following sql commands for clearing all the data records created during first time setup process.

DECLARE @ApplicationId INT;

SELECT @ApplicationId = ApplicationId FROM dbo.Applications WHERE ClaimSetName = 'Ed-Fi ODS Admin App'

DELETE FROM dbo.ClientAccessTokens WHERE EXISTS (
        SELECT 1 FROM dbo.ApiClients
        WHERE ClientAccessTokens.ApiClient_ApiClientId = ApiClients.ApiClientId
        AND Application_ApplicationId = @ApplicationId 

    DELETE FROM dbo.ApiClients WHERE Application_ApplicationId = @ApplicationId
    DELETE FROM dbo.ApplicationEducationOrganizations WHERE Application_ApplicationId = @ApplicationId
    DELETE FROM dbo.ProfileApplications WHERE Application_ApplicationId = @ApplicationId
    DELETE FROM dbo.Applications WHERE ApplicationId = @ApplicationId
    DELETE FROM dbo.OdsInstances
    DELETE FROM adminapp.SecretConfigurations

     5. Once the SQL commands executed successfully. Please start the ODS API and Admin App websites under IIS or within the Azure portal App Service. 

2) Update the Admin App Configuration Parameters

There is a table in the EdFi_Admin database called adminapp.AzureSqlConfigurations. This table holds the encrypted configuration parameters used by the admin app.

The format of this string is JSON and specifies a few key: value pairs.

Here is a template of how it looks: {"AdminCredentials":{"Password":"[dbpassword]","UserName":"[dbuser]"},"HostName":"[the SQL Server:]","ProductionApiCredentials":{"Password":"[SecurePassword]","UserName":"EdFiOdsProductionApi"},"AdminAppCredentials":{"Password":"[SecurePassword]","UserName":"EdFiOdsAdminApp"}}

The following JSON code block explains the parameters required and their intention:

	//These are the credentials used to access the EdFi_Admin database.
	// This is the address of the MsSQL server. This can be a DNS or an IP Address.
	"HostName":"[the SQL Server:]", 
	// These are the credentials that will be stored encrypted that the Admin App will use to connect to the Ed-Fi ODS API

Modify the SQL statement below by providing the User Name and Password for the required fields marked with square brakets "[...]"

Following the steps above open SSMS or Azure Query Editor and execute the following statement against the EdFi_Admin database.

UPDATE adminapp.AzureSqlConfigurations set field='{"AdminCredentials":{"Password":"PW Specified in Deployment Script","UserName":"SERVER Master UN"},"HostName":"","ProductionApiCredentials":{"Password":"Enter PW","UserName":"EdFiOdsProductionApi"},"AdminAppCredentials":{"Password":"","UserName":"EdFiOdsAdminApp"}}' WHERE Id=1;

3) Update Admin App web site on IIS or Azure

Note: That older versions of Admin app need the presence of “SetupRequired” file. This indicates to the first time setup process that it has not run. If the file not present, this means that the first-time setup was completed. Recreating the file will enforce the First time setup process to run again.

To create this file just create text file with the name “SetupRequired” and set the content of it to: Placeholder file to let the AdminApp know additional setup of the system is required.

On IIS or Azure, proceed to restart the application. Once the restart has finished use your web browser and navigate to the Admin App URL. You should be able to continue the First Time Setup within Admin App.

Deployed pages and resources can be accessed on Azure portal.


If you have any questions on how to connect to the EdFi-Admin database please refer to this articles below:

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