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The State Standardized Assessment Performance metric allows educators to easily review scores, passing rates, and trends for a student’s state assessment in all tested subjects applicable to the grade level. By reviewing prior-year state assessment results reported in this metric for current students, teachers can quickly identify which students will require additional support in order to meet standards for the current grade. 

Having identified these students, educators can also review the number of objectives each student met in each subject. Teachers may also review state assessment performance and state assessment performance by objective for each student in the class and for the class as a whole in a “classroom” view. With a classroom view, teachers and campus leaders can quickly identify all the students within a particular classroom struggling with state assessment and the underlying subjects and objectives with which each student and multiple students are struggling. With this information, the teacher is able to group students and plan instruction and academic interventions accordingly.

Teachers can also review how close each student’s score fell to the thresholds for the performance category (e.g., did not meet standard, met standard, commended). In the case of students close to failing, along with those failing, teachers can introduce academic interventions in the applicable subject areas to avoid a future failure. Conversely, teachers can also provide additional reinforcement and support to students whose scores are meeting standard but close to commended performance. Teachers can also monitor how well students taking alternative tests, such as those receiving special education services, are progressing and their ability to transition into standard test format. 

State assessment performance data for the prior year should be reviewed at the beginning of the school year and as often as new issues regarding a student’s classroom performance are brought to light. When new state assessment data become available in the spring, teachers will be able to review the same state assessment performance information for all current students.

State Standardized Assessment Performance Metrics


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