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The Student Overview dashboard page gives a high-level view of the metrics on that are calculated and displayed on the student dashboard.

Each metric category is listed with a brief description. There are many hyperlinks on the page so that the dashboard user can easy see more information. The user interface provides a clear and colorful visual overview of student performance. There are hover-over features to see current metric values and information. The overview page is the first page seen after logging on to the dashboards. The idea is to see right away how the student is performing in the different categories, then there is the ability to click straight through to an area to see more detailed information for that category. All of the basic metric information is on the overview page so the user can have an informed, holistic view of the student.

New in Dashboards v3.0

In Dashboards v3.0 there is a new DoNotPublishIndicator flag to manage the publishing of student contact information. This new feature is covered by business rule tickets MET-1001 AND MET-1002.


Summary Description Key

Business Rules


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