This section provides an overview of what's new for Learning Standards Sync Utility releases.

Learning Standards Sync Utility v1.1 (Latest Release)

The following improvements and fixes were made in the Learning Standards Sync Utility 1.1 release.


  • The sync CLI command now supports retrieving only the Academic Benchmark standards that have changed during synchronization. This new behavior is enabled by default after an initial sync.
  • Server-side proxy updates were made to resolve learning standard sequencing issues between parent and child standards, which were causing download issues.
    • The fix is documented in  EDFI-235 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • A changes CLI command has been added that provides information regarding the availability of Academic Benchmark standards changes.
    • The output from the changes command is optionally available in a JSON format for scripting integration.

      Integration Example
      $output = .\EdFi.Admin.LearningStandards.CLI.exe changes --ab-connect-id demo --ab-connect-key "12345678910" --ed-fi-url "" --ed-fi-key "RvcohKz9zHI4" --ed-fi-secret "E1iEFusaNf81xzCxwHfbolkC" --ed-fi-version 2 --ed-fi-school-year 2020 --output json --unattended
      if($LASTEXITCODE -le 0) {
          # Skip validation outputs, then convert the payload.
          $json = $output[2..500] | ConvertFrom-Json
          if ($json.changesAvailableInformation.available -eq $true) {
             # Notify someone that changes are present and then run sync?
              Write-Output "Changes Available."
      } else {
          throw $output
  • "AB Vendor" claim set for Ed-Fi ODS / API implementations using a Postgres database. 

Learning Standards Sync Utility v1.0

The following release notes were issued with the initial release of Learning Standards Sync Utility v1.0.

    • The Ed-Fi Learning Standards Sync Utility is a tool for system administrators for synchronizing learning standards between the AB Connect API and a specified Ed-Fi ODS / API instance. Using the tool requires active credentials for both the target Ed-Fi ODS / API instance and the AB Connect API. The Sync Utility application provides a command-line interface (CLI) to set parameters and define options.
    • Getting Started provides instructions and a how-to overview for using Learning Standards Sync Utility v1.0. 

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