Program (PDF)



(Working Sessions)

Assessment Working Session (PDF)
Migrating to Dashboards v2.0 (PDF)
Welcome to the Ed-Fi Community (PDF)
Supporting Multi-year Data in Ed-Fi Technology (PDF)

Opening Session

Arkansas Department of Education: Dashboard Plugins (PDF)
Florida Collaborative: A Success Story (PDF)
UPD Consulting: Talent Management Dashboards in Shelby County Schools (PDF)
Nebraska’s Ed-Fi Journey (PDF)
Ed-Fi Dashboards Latest Release (PDF)
InnovateEDU: Using Ed-Fi to Supercharge Data-Driven Education (PDF)
Tools for Building a Quality Ecosystem: Certification, RFP Support and More (PDF)
A Case Study on Working Together: Oregon Data Leadership Consortium (PDF)
Ed-Fi in the Cloud: Deploying with ESP & AWS (PDF)
Ed-Fi ODS/API: Latest and Greatest (PPT)
Learning Tapestry: Weaving Ed-Fi and Open Education Resources (PDF)

UPD and TNTP Panel Discussion: Teacher Talent Data Initiatives

Flip Your Binoculars: What Education Can Learn About Student Success from The Cable TV Industry (PDF)
Michigan Data Hubs: Vendor Interoperability in a Snap (PDF)
Ed-Fi Technology: Migration and Version Control, Oh My! (PDF)
Michigan’s Statewide Efforts for Assessments and Turnaround Schools (PDF)
Portland Public Schools: Lessons Learned
Wisconsin’s WISEdata System: What’s New? What’s Next? (PDF)

Community Initiatives to Develop a Rules Engine

Civil Rights Data Collection Using Ed-Fi (PDF)
Q&A: Ed-Fi Technical Roadmap (PDF)
Ed-Fi Tools (PDF)
Puget Sound ESD: Leveraging Ed-Fi to Achieve Universal Data (PDF)
Whats Coming in Data Standard v2.1 (PDF)
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