1. Open the Composites.xml file in the Composites folder


2.. Add a new category element to the Composites.xml file.  This will be added after the existing Category element.

<Category displayName="My Sample Composites" name="MyComposite">

      <Route relativeRouteTemplate="/sections/{Section.Id}/{compositeName}" />
      <Composite name="Student">
          <Parameter name="Section.Id" filterPath="StudentSectionAssociation->Section.Id" />
        <BaseResource name="Student">
          <Property name="StudentUniqueId" />
          <Property name="FirstName" />
          <Property name="LastSurname" />
          <Property name="BirthDate" />

3.  Build solution.  

4.  Run solution.

5.  You should see your Composite named 'My Composite'  under Composites section of the Swagger UI.

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