Admin App Activities

Global Tab

1.) The Global tab is one where vendors can be managed.  For more information, see Security Configuration Data Stores.

2.) Click Add Vendor.  Enter sample information as below for that vendor.  Click Save Changes to add the new vendor to the instance.

ODS Instance Tab


The Applications sub-tab is where keys and secrets can be managed.

Click Add Application and enter information such as shown below.

Once Add Application is clicked, you are shown the key and secret in a one-time display. Please copy this information as we would be needing it in the later during the lab.


Descriptors in the Ed-Fi Data Standard are a set of mechanisms to support flexible enumerations or code tables.  Click through some descriptors to view pre-configured values. 

Education Organizations

Education organizations sub-tab is where schools and districts are managed.  Click Add School.

Add information for a new school as seen below.

Learning Standards

The Learning Standards tab helps take advantage of a free licensing agreement provided by Ed-Fi to the Certica AB Connect web service.  For more information, please see Learning Standards in the Admin App documentation.

To demo the service, feel free to use the sample ID and key below:

API Partner ID: lea1
API Partner Key: PCiZI1q8xR2pvhAxdLxC4g

This will start the synchronization process:

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