1.  Right click on the Visual Studio icon on the task bar and click on GenerateSecurityGraphs.sln file.  The application will open in Visual Studio.  
  2.  Build the solution by clicking Build Solution from Build menu.  
  3. Open a Console window and navigate to \Ed-Fi-ODS\Utilities\GenerateSecurityGraphs\GenerateSecurityGraphs\bin\Debug.
  4. Run GenerateSecurityGraphs.exe to view the parameters that can be passed to the application.
  5. Open command prompt, go the location \Ed-Fi-ODS\Utilities\GenerateSecurityGraphs\GenerateSecurityGraphs\bin\Debug and run the following command  (this will create the graphs in c:\graphs folder and it will create the folder if it does not exist)
    GenerateSecurityGraphs.exe -o "c:\graphs" -f   

  6. Review the output for SISVendor ClaimSet for SystemDescriptor - AcademicSubjectDescriptor.  The location of the graph is c:\graphs\SIS Vendor

7.  Do the Configure Claim Set - Lab

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