List of Exercises

Using the Snapshot Utility - Attended Mode

Start the Snapshot Utility in Attended Mode

  • Open a command shell and navigate to \Ed-Fi-ODS\Utilities\TemporalOds\EdFi.Ods.Tods.ConsoleApp\bin\Debug

  • Launch EdFi.Ods.Tods.ConsoleApp.exe (no parameters) 

  • Follow the prompts to create a connection string

    • Server name: (local)

    • Database: EdFi_Ods_Sandbox_populatedSandbox

  • View the menu options 

Create a snapshot interactively

  • Select "1" to Create Snapshot Metadata - and follow the prompts
    • SnapshotCode: snap1
    • SnapshotName: Snapshot 1
    • Description: My first snapshot
    • SnapshotDate: 2017-01-01
    • SnapshotEffectiveDate: 2017-01-01
    • SnapshotEndDate: 2017-01-31

    • Enter "Y" - and verify that snapshot has been created.

      Note that the command line arguments are provided. Save this off for later.

  • Explore options to List and update Snapshot Metadata (Menu options 2-8) - but don't delete "snap1"!

  • Select 9 to Load Snapshot Data and follow the prompts
    • Snapshot Code: "snap1"
    • Bypass: Select "Y" or Enter

      Note again that the command line arguments are provided. Save this off for later.

Make some updates to data in the current ODS - so you can see temporal changes

  • Connect to SQL Server using SQL Management Studio
  • Execute the following SQL - against the EdFi_Ods_Sandbox_populatedSandbox database
USE EdFi_Ods_Sandbox_populatedSandbox
UPDATE [edfi].Student
SET MiddleName = 'UPDATED', EconomicDisadvantaged = 1, LastModifiedDate=GETDATE()
WHERE StudentUniqueId = 605704

UPDATE [edfi].[StudentAddress]
WHERE StudentUSI = 1
SELECT StudentUniqueId,MiddleName, EconomicDisadvantaged 
FROM [edfi].Student WHERE StudentUniqueId = 605704
SELECT StudentUSI, City
FROM [edfi].[StudentAddress]
WHERE StudentUSI = 1

Using the Snapshot Utility - Unattended Mode

Grab the command lines for your first snapshot 

create-metadata --beginDate 2017-01-01 --code snap1 --date 2017-01-01 --description "My first snapshot" --endDate 2017-01-31 --name "Snapshot 1" --connection "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=EdFi_Ods_Sandbox_populatedSandbox;Integrated Security=True"

load-data --code snap1 --connection "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=EdFi_Ods_Sandbox_populatedSandbox;Integrated Security=True"

Edit them to create unattended commands

C:\src\TODS\Ed-Fi-ODS\Utilities\TemporalOds\EdFi.Ods.Tods.ConsoleApp\bin\Debug\EdFi.Ods.Tods.ConsoleApp.exe create-metadata --beginDate 2017-02-01 --code snap2 --date 2017-02-01 --description "My second snapshot" --endDate 2017-02-28 --name "Snapshot 2" --connection "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=EdFi_Ods_Sandbox_populatedSandbox;Integrated Security=True"
C:\src\TODS\Ed-Fi-ODS\Utilities\TemporalOds\EdFi.Ods.Tods.ConsoleApp\bin\Debug\EdFi.Ods.Tods.ConsoleApp.exe load-data --code snap2 --connection "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=EdFi_Ods_Sandbox_populatedSandbox;Integrated Security=True"

Save as a command file and run it

Use the snapshot utility to verify that two snapshots have been created

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