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This interchange loads education course offerings and their schedule. It can be used to exchange data regarding the course offerings, sections, and bell schedule for a school.

Like all standard Ed-Fi interchanges, this schema references the Ed-Fi Core XSD and can be extended using the Ed-Fi Extensions Framework. See the Ed-Fi Data Standard: Developers' Guide for more information.

Use Cases

The Master Schedule Interchange can be used to:

  1. Exchange the school’s course catalog to be offered during a session.

  2. Exchange of the specific sections to be offered in each class period.

  3. Exchange of bell schedule specifying the meeting times for the class period on various days of the school year.

Model Details

The following figure shows a logical view of the Master Schedule Interchange schema:



The following table describes the primary entities of which the Master Schedule Interchange is composed. 

CourseOfferingThis entity represents an entry in the course catalog of available courses offered by the school during a session.
SectionThis entity represents a setting in which organized instruction of course content is provided, in-person or otherwise, to one or more students for a given period of time. A course offering may be offered to more than one section.
BellScheduleThis entity represents the schedule of class period meeting times.

Extended References

This interchange includes the following Extended References. 

Extended Reference NameDescription
CalendarDateReferenceRequired. The first calendar date of the BellSchedule.
ClassPeriodReferenceRequired. The class period associated with the section or meeting time for a bell schedule.
CourseReferenceRequired. The course being offered by the school.
LocationReferenceRequired. The location, typically a classroom, where the Section meets.
ProgramReferenceOptional. The program (e.g., CTE) to which the Section is associated.
SchoolReferenceRequired. The school for which the entity is defined.


Required. The session in which the course is offered at the school.

Descriptor Dependencies

This interchange references the following Ed-Fi Descriptors, thus requiring them to have been defined using the Descriptors interchange prior to this interchange. For more information on the Ed-Fi Descriptor Pattern, see the Ed-Fi Data Standard - Developers' Guide.

Descriptor NameDescription
GradeLevelDescriptorOptional. The grade levels to which the particular BellSchedule applies.

Optional. The primary language of instruction, if omitted English is assumed.

SectionCharacteristicsDescriptorOptional. This descriptor reflects important characteristics of the Section, such as whether or not attendance is taken and the Section is graded.

The following link is a ZIP archive containing the XSD for the Master Schedule Interchange v2.0 along with the Ed-Fi Core XSD and a Sample XML Data File:

A ZIP archive containing all v2.0 Ed-Fi Standard Interchange Schema can be found in the Download Directory.


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