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This page is no longer being maintained. The current Ed-Fi approach is to operationalize data out via actual tools: see Fizz Instructional Systems Toolkit

How Do You Access Schoology Data?

Schoology has an API that can be used to access data; information is available here:

What Data is Available?

  • Assignments - the Schoology API provides programmatic access to assignment data, including grades given by teachers on assignments.
  • Attendance - Schoology API allows programmatic access to attendance taken by teachers
  • There is also access to analytics objects, but documentation for these is not publicly available 

Input Needed

Pointers to documentation and/or analysis of the utility needed

Data Not available

  • From the API documentation, we could not tell if basic course access or login information was available

Tools to Help

Input Needed

Pointers to toolkits needed.

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