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Ed-Fi technology is organized into Technical Suites that represent a generation of technology products that share a data model and are designed to work together. This page provides a reference to the Technical Suites and their compatibility with specific product and service versions. Links are provided to the most relevant documentation (which in turn provide links to code or other technical resources).

  • Out-of-support pre-release versions are not listed in the matrix. For pre-release versions of standards and tools, only the most recent version is ever under support, and upon final publication of the standard or tool all pre-release versions go out of support. 
  • In general, agencies are advised to update to the latest versions of products. Please consult version release notes for details to ensure compatibility to local requirements.

Technical Suite Three

ProductSupportedOut of SupportNotes
Ed-Fi Data Standardv3.2.0-cv3.2bv3.2av3.1v3.0, v2.1
Ed-Fi ODS / APIv5.0.0v3.4v3.3v3.2 v3.2, v3.1v3.0
ODS / API Admin Appv2.0.0v1.8v1.7v1.6v1.5.x
ODS Migration Utilityv1.1.0, v1.0.0
Data Importv1.0

Ed-Fi Dashboards


Sample Data Generator

v1.2v1.1.x, v1.0Sample Data Generator v1.2 supports data standard v3.2-a and earlier
MetaEd IDEv2.3.0v2.2,v2.1, v2.0, v1.x
Analytics Middle Tierv2.1.1v2.0.0

Technical Suite Two

SupportedOut of SupportNotes
Ed-Fi Data Standardv2.2v2.0.1v2.0

Ed-Fi ODS / APIv2.6, v2.5v2.4v2.3.x, v2.2, v2.1.x, v2.0.x
ODS / API Admin Appv1.5.1, v1.5

Data Import v1.0.1
v1.0Tested with ODS / API v2.5 and later.
Ed-Fi Dashboards

Analytics Middle Tierv2.0.0

MetaEd IDEv2.2v2.1, v2.0, v1.x
Current version online.
Sample Data Generatorv1.2v1.1.x, v1.0
Ed-Fi Validation Tool v1.5The Ed-Fi validation tool has been retired

Technical Suite One

SupportedOut of SupportNotes
Ed-Fi Data Standard
v1.xAll 1.x versions out of support
v1.xAll 1.x versions out of support
Ed-Fi Dashboards
All versions <= 1.4

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