What is Meadowlark?

Project Meadowlark is a research and development (R&D) project. It is not a project to develop a "next gen" platform but rather to inform community conversations and  inform future development.

The goal of the Meadowlark project is to look for technology accelerators for the current strategy of near-real time data collection and aggregation via standards-based API exchanges from vendor systems and into a central data platform, in order to support analytics to improve the performance of students.

The Meadowlark code and releases provide a deployable, distributable, proof-of-concept for a cloud-native (i.e., built on cloud services) implementation of the Ed-Fi API surface. It therefore replicates the data collection capabilities of the Ed-Fi ODS/API, but does not replicate the database structure and storage of the ODS/API.


Install Information

To test out Meadowlark on your own:

  1. Make sure that you have an AWS subscription and a user account with permissions to create resources.
  2. Must have Node.js 16 installed locally to manage the deployment.
  3. Clone the source code repository using Git.
  4. Follow the install instructions.

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