Who is MappingEDU for?

MappingEDU is a web-based system designed to do one common, time-consuming data integration task well: map one data standard to another. The primary users are data analysts and technical staff who create mappings between data sources. MappingEDU also contains features to assist subject matter experts in reviewing data mappings.

If you're a business analyst...

You've spent hours, days, maybe weeks of your life mapping data from one data standard to another, building crosswalks between information systems, and other essential but mind-numbingly boring tasks. MappingEDU is purpose-built to make that mapping exercise fast and painless. It includes a matchmaking feature that allows you to browse, search, and filter data standards quickly – and even has a built-in suggestion engine to present likely mappings based on element names, definitions, and how elements are used in other mappings.

If you're a subject matter expert...

You've been an essential part of data mapping projects, but have had to review and comment on mappings in spreadsheets, or worse, in output from technical development tools that look like circuit board diagrams. MappingEDU makes your life easier by presenting information in a way that's detailed and specific, but easy to read, understand, and comment upon. And don't worry – if you like spreadsheets, MappingEDU can do that, too.

If you're a developer or integration services provider...

You've been responsible for programming the data mappings created by analysts and approved by SMEs. MappingEDU provides a clear, consistent, and technically detailed means of specifying data mappings and associated rules. It's collaborative, so you can add detail to mappings, flag mappings with questions, and add technical information to the information being reviewed.

MappingEDU does not create executable code and so does not replace tools like Altova MapForce or SQL Server Integration Services – it just provides you the detailed information you need to work efficiently in your chosen development environment.

If you're an education agency, private foundation, or other fiscal sponsor of data mapping work...

You've sponsored data integration work many times and have funded many hours and many thousands of dollars of analyst time in data mapping. MappingEDU reduces your costs by making the data mapping phase of work go quickly. Not only does the system have tools to assist analysts, SMEs, and developers work together, it has tools to facilitate the sharing and re-use of data mappings across organizations and projects.

This site contains everything you need to know to get started with the system.


Documentation for MappingEDU is viewable online:

MappingEDU was removed from service on July 31, 2022. Please see this announcement for more information.

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