This version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API is no longer supported. See the Ed-Fi Technology Version Index for a link to the latest version.

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The Ed-Fi ODS / API Client SDK source code is contained in an Ed-Fi repository called Ed-Fi-ODS-API-SDK. 

Follow these steps to download the repository archive and extract it:

  • Navigate to GitHub and select the appropriate version of the source code:
  • Download the repository archive to your local drive.

  • In Windows Explorer, right-click on the downloaded ZIP files and select “Properties.” On the General tab, press the Unblock button to allow the contents of the contained scripts to execute properly. 

  • In Windows Explorer, right-click on the downloaded ZIP file and select Extract All… Enter “C:\” for the target folder. The ZIP files contain an embedded folder ending in “-2.0” (i.e., C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-API-SDK-2.3). 
  • After the extractions are complete, rename the folder to remove the “-2.3” from the folder name (i.e., C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-API-SDK). 
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