This version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API is no longer supported. See the Ed-Fi Technology Version Index for a link to the latest version.


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The Security Visualization Tool is a command-line utility to view and graphically depict security configurations. However, it is sometimes useful to view configurations as stored in the system. The SQL queries on this page enable a database administrator to view information about security configurations. Execute the queries from the EdFi_Security database.

View Permissions Under a Claim Set

USE EdFi_Security

SELECT ClaimSets.ClaimSetName, ResourceClaims.DisplayName, Actions.ActionName
FROM ClaimSets
JOIN ClaimSetResourceClaims ON ClaimSetResourceClaims.ClaimSet_ClaimSetId = ClaimSets.ClaimSetId
JOIN ResourceClaims ON ResourceClaims.ResourceClaimId = ClaimSetResourceClaims.ResourceClaim_ResourceClaimId
JOIN Actions ON Actions.ActionId = ClaimSetResourceClaims.Action_ActionId

View Configured Authorization Strategies per Resource Claim 

USE EdFi_Security
SELECT Actions.ActionName, AuthorizationStrategies.DisplayName AS AuthorizationName, ResourceClaims.ResourceName
FROM  ResourceClaimAuthorizationMetadatas
JOIN ResourceClaims ON ResourceClaims.ResourceClaimId = ResourceClaim_ResourceClaimId
JOIN Actions ON Actions.ActionId = ResourceClaimAuthorizationMetadatas.Action_ActionId
JOIN AuthorizationStrategies ON AuthorizationStrategies.AuthorizationStrategyId = AuthorizationStrategy_AuthorizationStrategyId
ORDER BY ResourceClaim_ResourceClaimId

View Applications in Claim Sets 

USE EdFi_Security

SELECT Apps.ApplicationName, Apps.ClaimSetName
FROM ClaimSets
JOIN EdFi_Admin.dbo.Applications Apps ON Apps.ClaimSetName = ClaimSets.ClaimSetName