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Routes are names used to access endpoints and are used in API URLs. This section describes the patterns and conventions of routes in the Ed-Fi ODS / API.

Route Patterns in Ed-Fi APIs

The Ed-Fi ODS / API uses the following route structure to support multiple Extensions and to provide support for API versioning:

DescriptionODS / API Route
Base URI



Basic Relative URL Format

Data Management Resources:

API Composites:

Resources (Ed-Fi)/data/v3/ed-fi/schools
Descriptors (Ed-Fi)/data/v3/ed-fi/termDescriptors
Resources (Host Extensions)/data/v3/TX/leavers
Resources (Domain Extensions)/data/v3/talentMgmt/applicants
Composites (Ed-Fi)**/composites/v1/ed-fi/assessment/studentAssessments
Composites (Host Organization)/composites/v1/MI/enrollment/Schools
Composites Based on Domain or Host ExtensionsUnsupported


* School Year is optional in the route
** Composites are treated as a reserved word

Separate Bulk and Identity Endpoints

The endpoints for bulk and identity features are clearly separated. This allows separate versioning for these features, and also supports implementations that are not using the optional identity and bulk features.

Examples include:

  • /data/v3
  • /identity/v2
  • /bulk/v1

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