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The ODS / API ships with EdFi.Ods.Extensions.GrandBend and EdFi.Ods.Extensions.Sample extensions that serve two purposes as examples and as test cases for different extension possibilities.  Perform the following steps to remove them from your implementation:

  1. Remove EdFi.Ods.Extensions.GrandBend and EdFi.Ods.Extensions.Sample Projects in Visual Studio. Right-click on the Project in the Solution Explorer, select Remove.
  2. Manually delete EdFi.Ods.Extensions.GrandBend and EdFi.Ods.Extensions.Sample Extension Project files from disk. These will be in {{ Source Code Root }}\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\Application\.
  3. Remove EdFi.Ods.Profiles.ExtensionsSample Profile Project in  Visual Studio. Right-click on the Project in the Solution Explorer, select Remove.
  4. Manually delete EdFi.Ods.Profiles.ExtensionsSample Profile Project files from disk. These will be in {{ Source Code Root }}\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\Application\
  5. Remove references to the Extension Projects. These references will be in your OwinStartup class (e.g. EdFi.Ods.WebApi\Startup\ApiStartup.cs, EdFi.Ods.WebApi\Startup\ConfigurationSpecificSandboxStartup.cs). Remove the using statement and the AssemblyLoader call for each project.
  6. Save all modified files, close Ed-Fi-ODS.sln, and re-run the code generation steps outlined in the Getting Started Guide (i.e., from a PowerShell prompt run script, followed by the initdev command). Then, run the application and view the Ed-Fi ODS / API in the Swagger UI.


If you do not plan on having any extensions, you could turn off EdFi.Ods.Extensions.GrandBend and EdFi.Ods.Extensions.Sample extensions without source code modifications by using the following configurations in EdFi.Ods.WebApi Web.config: 

<add key="extensions:featureIsEnabled" value="false"/>
<add key="ExcludedExtensionSources" value="Sample,GrandBend" />

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