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The Ed-Fi ODS / API ships with a sample dataset containing approximately 1000 students. For a variety of reasons, you may want to install a different sample database than the one that ships with ODS / API. This article walks through how set up the Glendale database, which contains approximately 50,000 student records, as your template for a populated database.

Step 1. Update the Config File

Update the "sandbox:populatedTemplateScript" key to the appSettings section of the file: <source directory>\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\Application\EdFi.Ods.WebApi\Web.config.

Web.config Example
    <add key="sandbox:populatedTemplateScript" value="Glendale" />

This tells Initialize-DevelopmentEnvironment which source selection script to run. If no script is provided, or the name specified does not exist, the Initialize-DevelopmentEnvironment will fail when trying to reset the populated template.

If you have an environment (usually staging or QA) that also deploys the populated template, you will need to add the same key to the file: <source directory>\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\Scripts\NuGet\EdFi.RestApi.Databases\Databases.config.

Step 2. Run Reset-PopulatedTemplate

In a PowerShell session navigate to <source directory>\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\.

Execute .\Initialize-PowershellForDevelopment.ps1.

Import the Initiallize Development Module
PS C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\> .\Initialize-PowershellForDevelopment.ps1
Importing Module: InitializeDevelopmentEnvironment.psm1
Using repositories from environment variable: Ed-Fi-Common;Ed-Fi-Ods;Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation

Execute Reset-PopulatedTemplate.

Execute Reset-PopulatedTemplate
PS C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\> Reset-PopulatedTemplate
Using repositories from environment variable: Ed-Fi-Common;Ed-Fi-Ods;Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation
Downloading file from
Download complete.
Extracting EdFi_Glendale_v32-20190610.7z...
Extracted to: C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\PopulatedTemplate\Database\EdFi_Glendale_v32-20190610.7z
Task                    TotalMinutes
----                    ------------
Reset-PopulatedTemplate       3.78

When the process successfully completes, you should see something similar to above.


The following GitHub link is the PowerShell script for Glendale Source Selection