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Video Topics:

Chapter 1 - Introduction (00:00)

Chapter 2 - Ed-Fi Data Standard (00:34)

Chapter 3 - Ed-Fi ODS / API (07:50)

Chapter 4 - Ed-Fi Dashboards (13:37)

Chapter 5 - Ed-Fi Validation Tool (17:57)

Chapter 6 - Wrap-up (21:00)

Video Info

Audience: Technical Professionals, UI & Database Developers, Enterprise Architects
Adoption Lifecycle: Evaluation, Implementation

This module is intended to be a “Quick Start” overview of the Ed-Fi Technology Components, specifically including the Ed-Fi Data Standard, Ed-Fi ODS / API, Ed-Fi Dashboards, and Ed-Fi Validation Tool. The instructional goal is to show users what's available, how to access the code/material, and to orient licensees on the very basic steps of installation and use. Each technical component has in-depth material elsewhere -- the purpose of this module is simply an overview to provide some detail about the technology, set expectations about whats involved, and to provide a general understanding of what the initial steps look like.

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