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Description:  The Bootcamp is designed to walk through the key aspects of an Ed-Fi implementation within a State Education Agency. We will explore use cases especially enrollment, fall membership and special education student count use cases, dig into how to use the Ed-Fi SEA Modernization Starter Kit, learn different components of the Ed-Fi ODS/API and demonstrate the ability to read and write data using the API.  Attendees will leave the training with knowledge on how to stand up and use the SEA Modernization Starter Kit and run the API against the sample data.


  1. Hands on lab sessions capped to max of 10 people
  2. Hands on labs will be repeated twice
  3. Overviews and state spotlight sessions will have no cap

Session Type:

  • Presentations
  • Q&As
  • Hands-on exercise on SEA Modernization Starter Kit


TimeTrackPresenterDescriptionPresentation Deck
10:00 – 10:30 How Ed-Fi solves the interoperability challenges

Maureen Wentworth

Introduction to Ed-Fi and the Governance Process 
10:30 – 11:15 Introduction to Ed-Fi Data Standard & TechnologySayee Srinivasan

General introduction to Ed-Fi Data Exchange Standards and Technology Suite.  We will use the enrollment domain as an example to introduce the UDM concepts and terminologies.

11:15 – 11:30  


11:30 – 12:30Lunch

12:30 – 1:00 

ExtensionsSayee SrinivasanPresents how Ed-Fi Data Standard provides the flexibility to extend the data standard to include state specific extensions
1:00 – 2:00

Working with the SEA Modernization Starter Kit

Sayee SrinivasanThis is a hands-on exercise to understand the Ed-Fi technology and tools using the SEA Modernization Kit.
2:00 – 2:20


2:20 – 2:30Break

2:30 – 3:30  It is not all TechnicalMaureen Wentworth and Sayee SrinivasanThis session will address some of the non-technical aspects of implementation including governance, communications, and working with your vendor community.
3:30 – 4:00 Open topicsEd-Fi and Bootcamp Attendees

This will be an interactive session

HandsSEA Modernization Starter Kit - on Lab ComputersLab Exercise - SEA Modernization Starter Kit


User Id = Administrator

Password = EdFi!sCool

Ray Zwiener
MachineRDPAssigned Usertrain10
train12Suzie Sebring


James Nadeau
train14Lindsey Talbot
train15Upendra Narra
train16Joshua Findlay
train17Wendy Stephens
train18Morgan Ecklund
train19Brian Hosey
train20Andrew McAvoy


Cassidy Canzani
train22Georges Bellangue
train23Nick To
train24Sridhar Anne
train25Srinivas Nagaraj
train26Mahesh Pawar
train27Eshwar Kedari
train28Oblio Leitch
train29Shelly Mair
train30Jayesh Dave
train31Wendy Geller


Nicholas Handvilletrain11
train33Ray Zwiener

Read/Write to the APIs



    "studentUniqueId": "600000",
    "birthDate": "2010-01-13",
    "firstName": "Sri",
    "lastSurname": "Smith",
    "personalTitlePrefix": "Mr"

Paste it after both the curly braces.  

Once you paste it, remove both the curly braces in the front.  

2.StudentSchoolAssociation {
    "graduationPlanReference": {
      "educationOrganizationId": 255901001,
      "graduationPlanTypeDescriptor": "uri://",
      "graduationSchoolYear": 2022,
      "link": {
        "rel": "GraduationPlan",
        "href": "/ed-fi/graduationPlans/b9465f291d8f4cefa02800966574fa39"
    "schoolReference": {
      "schoolId": 255901001,
      "link": {
        "rel": "School",
        "href": "/ed-fi/schools/df7102a5c74445ef9267b6063e4310e4"
    "studentReference": {
      "studentUniqueId": "600000",
      "link": {
        "rel": "Student",
        "href": "/ed-fi/students/705abd365613496b8393bc8bf8883a9b"
    "entryDate": "2021-08-23",
    "entryGradeLevelDescriptor": "uri:// grade",
    "fullTimeEquivalency": 1,
    "_ext": {
      "sk": {
        "reportingSchoolReference": {
          "schoolId": 255901001,
          "link": {
            "rel": "School",
            "href": "/ed-fi/schools/df7102a5c74445ef9267b6063e4310e4"
        "residentLocalEducationAgencyReference": {
          "localEducationAgencyId": 255901,
          "link": {
            "rel": "LocalEducationAgency",
            "href": "/ed-fi/localEducationAgencies/5f17df660917413cb26b890c37cd705c"
        "residentSchoolReference": {
          "schoolId": 255901001,
          "link": {
            "rel": "School",
            "href": "/ed-fi/schools/df7102a5c74445ef9267b6063e4310e4"
    "alternativeGraduationPlans": [],
    "educationPlans": []   

Paste it after both the curly braces.  

Once you paste it, remove both the curly braces in the front.