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REST API Design & Implementation Guidelines

This version of the Ed-Fi Data Standard includes guidelines for designing and implementing a REST API based on the Ed-Fi data model. Such an API provides transportation and manipulation of information as Resources that are elements defined in the Ed-Fi Unifying Data Model (UDM). While the design guidelines cover the entire Ed-Fi UDM, an API need not implement the full data model. Developers may select parts of the model useful to their specific data exchange needs.

An API implemented in accordance with the guidelines will have the following features:

  • Supports high-throughput bulk as well as transactional data by using an optimistic concurrency model
  • Protects resources with layered authentication and authorization models by using client tokens and user-level access strategies
  • Complies with FERPA regulations regarding authorization to access resources
  • Includes an open integration interface for identity management systems
  • Includes documentation as part of the API itself

For more information, see the Ed-Fi REST API Design & Implementation Guidelines documentation.

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