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Summit Materials

Tuesday October 9th


Pre-conference meeting : Assessment Working Group

The Assessment Work Group Pre-conference Meeting is for members of the Assessment Work Group (AWG) to continue their project work and discussions relating to achieving the seamless flow of assessment data within the Ed-Fi community. Seats will be reserved for members, but non-members are welcome to attend. However, please note that seating is limited due to the meeting location, and we expect that the space will not be able to accommodate all who wish to attend. For those who cannot attend, the outcomes and activities from the meeting will be summarized in the session “Read Out of Working Groups” 

Pre-conference meeting : Finance Working Group

This meeting is for members of the Finance Working Group, and open to other community members space permitting.

Presentation: 2018 Summit - FWG 9Oct2018.pptx

Pre-conference meeting : Teacher Prep Data Model (TPDM)

This meeting is for members of the TPDP group, and open to other community members space permitting.

Pre-conference Meeting: Governance? Workgroups? Ever wondered what THAT’s all about?

FOMO – fear of missing out – is something we take seriously in the Ed-Fi Alliance. Come join us for a conversation around what workgroups, pre-session working meetings, special interest groups (SIGs) and advisory teams are for, what they accomplish, who works on them and why, and how they help the whole community and the Data Standard to advance in areas of emerging importance to the community.
Speakers: Sean Casey

Presentation: Governance Workgroups Ever Wondered What THATS all about Tues 10-09-18 10am-12pm.pdf

4 Districts Adopt Ed-Fi and Certica’s Data Connect Platform

Certica’s Data Connect interoperability platform, based on Ed-Fi, is specifically designed for districts to integrate and exchange data with a minimum of effort and IT support. Join Bryan Bleil, Certica’s Ed-Fi Ambassador, in a discussion with districts who are leading the way to application interoperability using Data Connect and Ed-Fi: Chico Unified School District, Hillsboro School District (OR), Palo Alto Unified School District and Uncommon Schools. Attend this session for a discussion of best practices and learn why these school districts have chosen a turnkey, fully hosted and managed solution.

Speakers: Bryan Bleil

Presentation: 4 Districts Adopt Ed-Fi_Summit Presentation FINAL.pdf

District and State Ed-Fi Implementations: Working Together While Serving Different Use Cases

Learn how district and state implementations of Ed-Fi have unique considerations and can play well together. A panel of state and district leaders implementing Ed-Fi in Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota will discuss distinct and cooperative use cases, and the unique technical considerations involved.
Speakers: Matt Warden, Michael Taylor, Don Dailey, Pete Just, Debbie Dailey, John Price, Fadi Fadhil, David Reeg

Governance: Managing Data as an Asset: Why Data Governance is Important

Speakers: Nancy Smith

Start Here: Ed-Fi for Non Technical Leaders

Are you feeling like, we’re here, we’re excited, but we want to know where to start? And, what is a data standard, why does it matter, who’s using it to do great things for learners and educators, and how can we collaborate on it? Come join your colleagues in the Ed-Fi community and find the right entry points to accelerate the work of your team & school system toward your goals!
Speakers: Sean Casey

Presentation: Start Here - Ed-Fi for non-Technical Leaders 10-9-18 Tues 145-230.pdf

Calling All Unicorns

Speakers: Erin Mote, Mike Baur

Presentation: Calling All Unicorns_EdFi 2018.pdf

Ed-Fi to CEDS – Plug and Play

Description: One of the recent releases to the Ed-Fi Exchange is a set of ETL that represents a tipping point in the education data standards landscape. Under a U.S. Department of Education funded grant, AEM has developed a free software application, Generate, that improves data quality and automates reporting for state education agencies through standardization. The resources now available in the Exchange enable Ed-Fi implementations to directly source this CEDS-based tool and automates the movement of data from Ed-Fi into CEDS! This session will provide a live demonstration of Generate powered by Ed-Fi.

Speakers: Maureen Wentworth, Duane Brown, Bill Huennekens, Sayee Srinivasan

Presentation: 2018 Summit - CEDS to EdFi Plug and Play.pptx

Learning from ILPs and PGPs at Scale
When Personal Graduation Plans or Individualized Learning Plans are digitized, they enable analysis of program capacity planning, error tracking, and student growth. We'll cover how to set up these analyses and how districts can use longitudinal plan data for multiple stakeholders.
Speakers: Michael Discenza

Missing Metrics: Developing an Analytics Middle Tier
Review and demonstration of current research on providing effective tools for supporting self-service analytics powered by Ed-Fi data.
Speakers: Stephen Fuqua

Presentation: Analytics Middle Tier - Summit 2018.pptx

Effective Assessment Data Management (EADM)

The learning objective is to share use cases and accompanying analytics for the effective use of assessment data. The analytics are driven from the Ed-Fi ODS, and the session will discuss the technical architecture used to drive the BI toolset, as well as the artifacts available in the Exchange.
Speakers: Rick Rozzelle, Karlene McCormick-Lee

Presentation:Ed-Fi EADM Session FINAL 10-2-18 .pdf

Operational Playbook: Best Practices for Ed-Fi Implementation in SEAs
This session will serve as a discussion of best practices, useful resources, and existing pain points for state education agencies and student information systems.
Speakers: Maureen Wentworth, Patches Hill

Presentation: 2018 Summit - Operational Playbook.pptx

Real World Considerations for Ed-Fi in Production
Learn what considerations you should take into account to get your Ed-Fi implementation to production.
Speakers:Ben Meyers

Presentation: Real World Considerations for an Ed-Fi Implementation.pdf

TIL All about RFPs for Data Visualizations

Participants will learn how to craft an RFP to meet their needs for data visualization and understand what elements are most important as well as what to expect throughout the entire process.
Speakers: Sherod Keen, Shane Fairbairn, Daniel Hornsby

Wednesday October 10th, 2018


Collaborative Dashboard Demonstration: Powering the Ed-Fi Teacher Prep Extensions
Learn about the TPP Collaborative Dashboard that was developed to power the TPDM to provide users with information to make decisions for program improvement. View a Demonstration of the Dashboard, and learn how the Dashboards are being implemented across TPPs, and how how it will be used by various roles.

Speakers: Ana QuintanaAnne-Marie HoxieSarah BealCari Reddick

Ed-Fi Dashboards: Highlighting ESSA & Growth Model

Speakers:Kimiko RifeRay Girdler 

Ed-Fi Partner Program: What's In It For You
Attendees will learn about the benefits of joining the Ed-Fi Partner Program, the structure and investment required, and how to use the program to grow market share.
Speakers: Sean Casey, Cesare Tise

Presentation: Ed-Fi Partner Program - Whats in it for you Wed 10-10-18 930-1015.pdf

Empowering Teachers and Families with Data: Voices from the Field
Proactive, two-way communication is the best way to create an environment in which people trust, value, and use data to help students excel. Hear what parents and teachers have to say about data and learn tips for effectively communicating with teachers and families about data. This session will share the Data Quality Campaigns findings from our original opinion research, including focus groups and public polling with teachers and parents. Find out how these critical education stakeholders feel about data, where they find data, and what they do with data. Then, learn communications strategies for talking to parents, teachers, and others about their information needs; telling stories about how your data policies and practices affect real classrooms, students, and families in your community; identifying the best people to talk about data and making sure they are equipped with clear, consistent messaging for a productive conversation; and talking to parents and the public about key topics including why data matters.
Speakers: Elizabeth Dabney

Presentation: EdFi DQC slides 2018.pptx

"Long Tail" of Data Solutions and Discussion
We will review actionable approaches and solutions and gather ideas for the future in working with valuable education data outside of the essential certified SIS and assessment API-ready products.
Speakers: Jason Hoekstra
Presentation: Long Tail - Ed-Fi 2018 Summit - Main Session - Room 410.pptx

Leveraging Ed-Fi: Implementation Successes in Wisconsin and Michigan
Speakers: Kurt Kiefer, Don Dailey, Kevin Bullard

Student Information Systems and Ed-Fi
Come join an open discussion on the successes, best practices and current pain points in Student Information System usage of Ed-Fi data exchange standards. The discussion will lead with the experience of student information systems (SIS) in developing Ed-Fi-based exchanges and solicit audience perspectives on needs and directions for ongoing improvement of the Ed-Fi standards and technology to continue to address priority community use cases.
Speakers: Eric Jansson, Doug Quinton, Jon Berry, Tim Casey, David Grossman

Supporting the 360 Degree View of Student Progress
The Ed-Fi Alliance is equipping educators with the context and information they need, unlike ever before. Join Ed-Fi CEO Troy Wheeler and Jeff Averick, Certica’s co-founder and chief product officer as they explore how the Ed-Fi Community is working to support the whole child view and to present a 360 degree view of student progress, equipping educators with the most useful, real-time and comprehensive information.
Speakers: Jeff Averick, Troy Wheeler

Presentation: Supporting the 360-Degree View of Student Progress.pdf

YES Prep's Data Journey -- From Needs Assessment to Next-Generation Reporting
YES Prep, a charter school system that is known for its success in steering students to and through college, recently went through a comprehensive Ed-Fi conversion. This presentation will take attendees through YES Prep's case study, starting with its data needs identification and the Ed-Fi implementation itself, through to its partnership with Spotlight, which will bring innovative forms of "mass personalized" data-communication to students, parents, and educators.
Speakers: Mike Fee, Chris Darville

Certica's Roadmap for Ed-Fi Data Quality
This session will explore how integrating data from multiple applications and data systems creates a mandate for rigorous data quality validation to ensure referential integrity, completeness, uniqueness, validity and timeliness of data. Certica Solutions has provided a proven SaaS data quality solution and best practices to school districts since 2006. Certica has now embarked on a plan to integrate the Certify data quality solution with Ed-Fi to provide data quality validation in source systems and in the Ed-Fi ODS, to ensure that data which is integrated and analyzed is of the highest quality; and that source data quality issues and cross-system data collisions do not compromise successful Ed-Fi implementation.
Speakers: Jeff Averick

Presentation: Certica_s Roadmap for Ed-Fi Data Quality.pdf

Collect, Analyze, and Implement Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Data
Attendees will learn the research behind, and impact of social-emotional learning (SEL) while exploring trends from the CORE Districts and Panorama Education's national dataset, including demographic trends, validity, benchmarks, district case studies—and strategies for integrating SEL assessment data alongside other data sources.
Speakers: Samuel Moulton, Ph.D., Jack McDermott, Noah Bookman

Presentation: 2018 Summit - CORE + Panorama SEL Data.pdf

Ed-Fi Community’s Technology Incubator: Sponsored Standards
The accelerating growth of the Ed-Fi community has spawned a number of efforts to expand the scope of the Ed-Fi standards and technology into new data domains. As a community, we need to support these newer efforts but also differentiate them from core data domains and core standards, that are field-proven and ready for integration at scale. In 2017, beginning with the Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM) the Alliance has introduced programmatic support for incubating such projects. This session will describe progress to date and open questions for the future.
Speakers: Eric Jansson

Presentation: Ed-Fi Incubator - Sponsored Standards Program.pptx

Ed-Fi Governance
The Ed-Fi Alliance has enjoyed a period of success and broad adoption across the nation among a wide range of education agencies and vendors. As a result, the Alliance is positioned to take the governance of its data and technology assets to a more sustainable and engaging level. A well defined and formal governance structure is a key component to achieving the long-term success and sustainability of the Ed-Fi Alliance. In 2017 the Alliance began a project to create a new governance structure with a more deeply connected community engagement. At the 2018 Technical Congress, two Work Groups were launched to begin testing this new structure: an Assessment Work Group and a Finance Work Group. A Governance Advisory Team (GAT) was also formed shortly after the Summit to act as the central hub of the governance process. This session will explore the progress to date and lessons learned with these structures. It will also cover the newly formed Work Groups in the governance structure. Participants will learn how they might engage in the governance process in the future.
Speakers: Rick Rozzelle, Nancy Wilson, Chris Moffatt

Presentation: Ed-Fi Governance Update for Oct 2018 Summit.pptx

Moving Vendors Along the Path to Ed-Fi Support
Are you a vendor who hasn’t yet committed to integrating with the API? Are you with a local or state agency (LEA, SEA, CMO) who’s been struggling with getting your vendors to embrace Ed-Fi? Join a discussion for how all of us in the Ed-Fi Community can work together to help accelerate adoption across the entire K-12 education technology sector. Bryan Bleil, Certica’s Ed-Fi Ambassador, will share tips and strategies for engaging with vendors, and lead a discussion with two vendor representatives: Doug Quinton from Powerschool, which was the first SIS to commit to the Ed-Fi API; and Scott Knuckles from Aeries, which is the most recent SIS vendor to move to the Ed-Fi standard. And if you’re a vendor, come find out what’s in it for you!
Speakers: Bryan Bleil, Scott Knuckles, Doug Quinton

Presentation: Moving Vendors Along the Path to Ed-Fi 10.10.2018_Final.pdf

Be a hero, deliver Ed-Fi & Power BI as a service!
Get started in minutes with hosting and reducing the complexity involved with Ed-Fi deployment while delivering modern and insightful dashboards.

Reaching Small & Rural Districts: Lessons from the Hoosier State
Small rural districts constitute a major portion of the public elementary and secondary sector of education. Nearly half of the 15,000 regular public school districts in America are rural, and the majority of these are small. In the state of Indiana more than three fourths of the districts are small and/or rural (339 out of 392 have enrollments under 5000 students and 225 out of 392 have enrollments under 1600 students). Students in small and rural districts represent more than half of the one million Hoosier students in K-12 education. Any solution that intends to meet the needs of K-12 education in Indiana must include small and rural districts.INSITE (Indiana Student Information to Empower) is implementing a multi-tenant iteration of Ed-Fi in the Indiana University Data Center. In order to ensure that INSITE reaches districts that have limited technology staff and sparse data analysis resources, we have a five part strategy to effectively and appropriately engage small and rural districts in support of implementing Ed-Fi. 1)Partner with the Indiana Department of Education; 2)Facilitate vendor development of APIs that meet the Ed-Fi standard; 3)Present at SIS user group, Service Center, and regional events; 4)Connect with them personally and individually via the INSITE Consortium; 5)Develop online training resources that are available on demand.
Speakers: INSITE

Presentation: Reaching Small and Rural Districts.pptx

State Leadership for Interoperability: Leveraging Data for Academic Excellence
What is the best future state for teaching and learning if educators can leverage interoperable data? Why is State Leadership for Interoperability important/necessary? How will states get from their current level of interoperability to that best future state?
Speakers: Brent Engelman, Christine Fox

Presentation: 2018 Summit - State Leadership for Interoperability.pptx

The Nuts, Bolts, and Wish I would Have Knowns of your Ed-Fi Implementation
Participants will learn about best practices for planning an Ed-Fi implementation, including crucial decisions and considerations for structure and governance.
Speakers: Julia Brown, Sherod Keen, Daniel Hornsby, Shane Fairbairn

Presentation: The Nuts, Bolts, and Wish I Would Have Knowns.pdf

View from Beyond the Edge: Ed-Fi in Tulsa Public Schools
Speakers: Stephen Fedore, Ana Quintana, Katharine Watson

Presentation: View from Beyond the Edge Ed-Fi in Tulsa Public Schools.pptx

Assessment: The Next Frontier
In late 2017 and into 2018 the Ed-Fi community has made a strong and broad push into driving adoption of the exchange of assessment data. Efforts in that area have included the definition and refinement of assessment API standards, the publication of an assessment certification, the chartering of an Assessment Work Group, and the support for field work via Ed-Fi technical artifacts. This work has driven broad awareness and sparked vendor integration projects via secure API. Attend this session to learn about these efforts and about what’s next for them.
Speakers: Eric Jansson,  Silvia Brunet-Jones

Presentation: Assessment - The Next Frontier.pptx

Ed-Fi From the Ground Up: Implementation from an LEA Perspective
This session will include Providence's timeline around the work-ways that Providence has collaborated with SEA- strategies on how to use all departments in an LEA to make impact. We will also explore how using Data standards will support the teaching and learning strategic Plan.
Speakers: Tricia Bowler, James Decamp

Presentation: EdFi From The Grouon Up - Summit Presentation Oct 2018.pptx

Integrating and Aligning Ed-Fi and CEDS
The Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) have contributed immensely to solving the problem of interoperability in education. CEDS defines the standard vocabulary and data warehouse structure across all P20W systems. Working with the Ed-Fi Data Standard, which enables the collection and integration of data from multiple sources, CEDS and Ed-Fi together support the data management needs of SEAs. This session will provide an overview of the long-standing collaboration between Ed-Fi and CEDS and show how the standards working together are resulting in tangible impacts to education data management and use nationally.
Speakers: Maureen Wentworth, Duane Brown, Bill Huennekens, Jim Campbell, Ross Santy

Presentation: 2018 Summit - Integrating and Aligning EdFi and CEDS.pptx

Teacher Prep Program Extensions: Lessons Learned from the Field
Come learn about the Ed-Fi extensions for TPP and how these tools can be leveraged by TPPs, States, and Districts. Learn lessons from the field of initial implementations of the Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM). Join us to understand how the TPDM will be maintained as sponsored data, and how to get support.
Speakers: Ana Quintana, Anne-Marie Hoxie, Sarah Beal, Cari Reddick

Wisconsin's Ed-Fi Journey
A journey of continuous integration. Review Wisconsin implementation of the Ed-Fi API and Data model. Lessons learned, gaps filled, where we are at now, and where we are going.
Speakers: Dan Retzlaff, John Raub

Building Dimensional Structures from an Ed-Fi ODS
We will provide a demo of Achievement First's thought process and work to date around developing a dimensional reporting structure on top of the Ed-Fi ODS. We will showcase reporting requirements, gathering, and tech processes around these artifacts.
Speakers: Anthony Nevico, Archana Parab

Presentations: AchievementFirst - 15 min High Level Overview.pptx, AchievementFirst - 45 min Deep Dive.pptx

Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap
The Ed-Fi Alliance Technology Roadmap is a planning document available year-round and is publicly available. With input from the Ed-Fi Community the Roadmap is updated quarterly. Please join the Ed-Fi staff for an overview of the Technical Roadmap for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019.
Speakers: Eric Jansson

Presentation: Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap.pptx

Open Source Ed-Fi Data Vault from SFUSD
Please join San Francisco Unified School District and Double Line for a walkthrough of the upcoming open source Ed-Fi aligned Data Vault, soon to be submitted to the Ed-Fi Exchange. SFUSD will discuss the use cases and drivers for the Data Vault, and Double Line will share information on the Data Vault methodology and the technical implementation approach.
Matt Warden, Eddie Ngo, Ed Comer

Presentation: Building An Ed-Fi Data Vault - SFUSD.pdf

Rapid Development of Reports and Apps for Ed-Fi
A new open-source middleware system provides a significantly easier pathway to securely accessing data and building applications on Ed-Fi ODS. We will demonstrate how to rapidly build insightful apps and reporting APIs that can be shared securely through a school district’s existing authentication on platforms like Google. We’ll show example applications for college and career readiness, enriched student transcripts, and case management for the nationally recognized Dallas County Promise Program that offers free college to graduating seniors.
Speakers: Chris Sprague

Presentation: Rapid Development of Reports and Apps Using Ed-Fi Summit Presentation.pdf

Unleashing the Power of the Finance & Staff Domains
Do you ever wonder what's inside the black box of the HR and Finance Systems? In this session, we discuss all aspects involved with realizing the elements of these domains; from API tech talk, to business rules, and all the way to fancy visuals - learn how a collaborative approach to Human Capital Management Systems demystifies the hidden gems of the Ed-Fi Finance and Staff Domains.
Dan Retzlaff, Shane Fairbairn, Daniel Hornsby, Maureen Wentworth, Sherod Keen, Sayee Srinivasan

Case Study: Using Ed-Fi for Real Time Attendance Reporting to the Arizona Department of Education.
Back in 2015, the state of Arizona embarked on an initiative to launch a brand new education data system called AzEDS. This system allowed local education agencies (LEAs) to report on their school’s attendance via a new REST API, replacing the older system called SAIS. The new system standardizes on Ed-Fi as the data interchange format for exchanging data for the student and the related objects. As a result, StrongMind, who closely partners with Primavera Online Middle and High School, launched an initiative to integrate its Student Information System (SIS) with AzEDS. Primavera operates as a purely online school, much different than a traditional brick and mortar, allowing greater flexibility by providing course blocks every 2 weeks for a duration of 6 weeks. This presented a unique set of challenges for StrongMind to overcome. Over the course of the last few years, StrongMind has created, improved and overhauled a solution to allow Primavera to report attendance in near real-time even with the challenges associated with the flexibility that Primavera allows.In this session, we’ll go over how StrongMind’s solution has iteratively evolved over time to the robust application it is today and the various challenges we overcame, both internal and external. We’ll review the approach, high level architecture and major features of the solution.
Speakers: Marc Hamilton, Amit Raval

Presentation: Real Time Attendance Reporting to ADE.pdf

District Ed-Fi Adoption
Data isn’t just a concern for the tech team to handle, it is a critical enabler to improving instruction and student outcomes. Join district partners working in implementing Ed-Fi based solutions to tackle tough data problems. - Boston - EdNexus - Chico
Speakers: Silvia Brunet-Jones

Presentations: BPS Ed-Fi Summit Presentation.pdf, EdNexusOR - 2018 Ed-Fi Alliance Summit Project Showcase Presentation.pptx,

Ed-Fi beyond the Datacenter Walls. Engaging others to make your Deployment Successful.
From the teacher and learning perspective, there is a greater demand for interoperability, but educators and leaders may not speak the same language as ed-tech vendors and other organizations that can help them leverage the Ed-Fi solution. This session focuses on the key role of “boundary spanners” between educators and vendors in (1) supporting relationships among multiple stakeholders, (2) helping to interpret and translate the different data languages spoken by educators and tech developers, and (3) ultimately helping to build a cohesive Ed-Fi implementation that truly meets the needs of front line educators. Eric Butash and Nick Vockerodt from the Highlander Institute, an educational nonprofit, and Molly Stewart of the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy at Indiana University discuss lessons learned, best practices, and next steps for themselves as Ed-Fi boundary spanners, as well as recommendations for how to start utilizing boundary spanners in existing and future Ed-Fi implementations.
Eric Butash, Nick Vockerodt


Governance: Ed-Fi + Governance Required for Analytics and Reporting
San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) will report on their activities to establish and sustain a working governance process to provide timely, consistent, high quality data from the Ed-Fi infrastructure as part of the district’s equity initiative and to support actionable visualizations for schools.
Brooke Barrett, Kelly McBride, Kyle DePasquale, John Burke

Technology Enhanced Feedback Tools
Gathering data in regard to student learning in K-12 has developed over the past two decades from an unplanned, isolated activity into a pervasive system of assessments driven by state and federal legislation. This development with a focus on constant reform has brought about a disconnect between the gathering of data and the use of the data to inform decisions in schools.
Speakers: Michael Taylor

Presentation: Supporting the 360-Degree View of Student Progress.pdf

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Ed-Fi and Multi-Year Data – What’s Up?
This session will provide the Alliance’s perspective on multi-year and longitudinal data within the Ed-Fi ecosystem. The presentation will draw on prior experiences and investments, highlight current activity in the Ed-Fi community, and communicate how and where the Alliance anticipates supporting this important topic in 2019.
Speakers: Chris Moffatt

Presentation:Ed-Fi and Multi-Year Data – What’s Up.pptx

Ed-Fi Communications 101
Participants will learn the 5 most valuable tools and resources to communicate about interoperability, Ed-Fi, and Data Standards.
Speakers: Caroline Kazmierski

Completing the Ed-Fi Story: A Journey to Visualization and Educator Action
As an education industry, most of our Ed-Fi work has focused around system integration. Once an interoperable data ecosystem is in place, what’s next? How can we elicit educator action? How do we use data to inform decisions? How do we surface the right insights at the right time to help improve outcomes? In this session we want to answer these key questions and explore: Approaches to visualization to place data in the hands of educators How to align data visualizations to education initiatives and educator workflow Strategies to build a data-driven culture in your district or agency

Speakers: Melissa Straw,  Monica Hogan,  Christina Masick,  Andrea Gronberg,  Shivani Stump

District Ed-Fi Adoption
Data isn’t just a concern for the tech team to handle, it is a critical enabler to improving instruction and student outcomes. Join district partners working in implementing Ed-Fi based solutions to tackle tough data problems. - Achievement First - Spring Branch - Yes Prep - Uncommon - Nashville - West Ada

Speakers: Silvia Brunet-Jones

Presentations: Ed-Fi 2018 YES PREP District Adoption.pptx, EdFi Summit Presentation SBISD.pptx

Ed-Fi Community Work Group for Reporting and Visualizations
This session will serve as the kick-off for the Ed-Fi community work group focused on reporting and visualizations, which will consider options and propose a path forward for the Alliance’s future investment in a free toolset for reporting and visualization use cases. The origins and early success of the Ed-Fi vision and mission are deeply rooted in a free toolset for this use case. In order to demonstrate the value of the Ed-Fi Data Standard, the Alliance and MSDF invested in successive releases of the Ed-Fi Dashboards. This free toolset successfully showed the value of, and provided context around, what data could look like using Ed-Fi as the foundation. In 2017, the Alliance commissioned research into the state of the Ed-Fi dashboards, and the findings and recommendations were presented at the 2017 Summit. In order to ensure an inclusive and transparent consideration of the options, we decided to use the Ed-Fi governance process to inform and guide the future direction of this work. The Ed-Fi Governance Advisory Team (GAT) considered this topic and confirmed that the Ed-Fi Dashboards have fulfilled an important role in demonstrating the value proposition of Ed-Fi to stakeholders outside of IT departments, and they felt that some form of “bright shiny object” should continue to form part of the Alliance’s offering in the future. They therefore recommended the formation of a Community Work Group to carefully consider and propose options for future investments. The session will focus on establishing the charter for the work group and identifying the groups initial set of activities.
Speakers: Chris Moffatt, Itzel Torres

Presentation: 2018 Ed-Fi Summit - Reporting and Visualization Work Group.pptx

Managing Identities
Speakers: Shannon Kerlick

Overview of Ed-Fi Certification
The Ed-Fi Certification is a Ed-Fi Alliance program whose goal is to ensure that systems can interoperate and exchange data using Ed-Fi API standards. The program was developed from the experience of many education agencies in certifying Ed-Fi-compliant data exchanges for their enterprise systems, and has built on that foundation a program more broadly applicable to the entire Ed-Fi ecosystem. This session will describe the certifications available, the processes and tests used in certifying products, the ways vendors can prepare for certification, and best practices for agencies in referencing certification in procurement.
Speakers: Eric Jansson

Presentation: Overview of Ed-Fi Certification.pptx