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This section provides an overview of what's new in the latest versions of the ODS / API Admin App for Technical Suite Two and Technical Suite Three.

Updates in Admin App v1.7 for Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.3

New Feature

Claim Set Editor (Preview)

Starting with Admin App 3.3, a new graphical editor for Claim Sets is available as a preview feature. Please see this Technical Article for instructions on how to enable and use the Claim Set Editor.

serverEd-Fi Issue Tracker

BUG:  SQL Server standard authentication now writes to app.config.

Updates in Admin App v1.6 for Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.2

New Feature

On-Premises Year-Specific Mode

Some Ed-Fi implementers choose "Year-Specific mode" configuration for their Ed-Fi ODS / API platform for data partitioning requirements or other needs. Admin App has been updated to support Year-Specific mode configurations can be set initially at installation time:


On-Premises Cloud License Optimization

On-premises installations have accepted the Ed-Fi license as part of access to source code and other Ed-Fi community material. We have removed the "Cloud ODS" licensing step for on-premises installations to optimize the installation process.

Updates in Admin App v1.5.1 for Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.6

New Features

Student ID to Identification Code Translation

Multiple student identifiers are commonly used in the education data ecosystem. Several cases have emerged in the Ed-Fi Community where student IDs in API transactions (i.e., the studentUniqueId field) is not known to the client application. As a result, a related transaction fails. This issue has been raised in, for example, the ODS-1824, ODS-2664, and ODS-2791 tickets. 

The recommended long-term solution is to facilitate, push, and drive rostering products to support configuration of different IDs for different agencies, and to store all roster IDs. However, the Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.6 includes a student identification code translation feature as a stopgap measure.

Admin App v1.5.1 for Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.6 Student Identification System Descriptor selection drop-down

Updates in Admin App v1.5

This Admin App v1.5 was the first version of the ODS / API Admin App in its current form. However, many of its core features were part of previous products, including a version distributed with the Ed-Fi ODS / API Cloud Deployment for Azure and the Ed-Fi ODS / API Cloud Deployment for AWS, both published on the Ed-Fi Exchange.

New Features

Built-In Support for AB Connect

Admin App v1.5 comes with built-in integration to Certica's Academic Benchmark product, an online resource for academic benchmarks and learning standards. The integration includes a free license to several national and state-level learning standards. See the Ed-Fi Learning Standards Sync Utility documentation for details.

Support for On-Premises Deployments

Admin App v1.5 added an installer that provides support for existing enterprise deployments of the Ed-Fi ODS / API.