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Once you've licensed the Ed-Fi Dashboards and have a login to access the Dashboard source code repository in GitHub, you can download the application code and sample data files.

Version 3.0.



The latest stable version of the Ed-Fi Dashboards v3.0 that can be found in the repository link below:

The stable release is a version of Ed-Fi Dashboard components, samples, and documentation that has undergone review and quality assurance testing.

Once you have downloaded the packaged dashboard code, refer to the Ed-Fi Dashboard Installation Instructions in this documentation for detailed instructions on setting up and running the Ed-Fi Dashboards and the Ed-Fi ETL Application.

Version 3.0.x (Latest Daily Source)

The Ed-Fi Alliance also maintains a source code repository available to licensees that contains the next version of the dashboard. Expert implementers who are looking to preview features or give feedback on the latest changes to Ed-Fi technology can download the very latest code. 

The latest daily source is a work in progress. The source has undergone unit-test quality assurance, but may have bugs, partially implemented features, and other Beta software issues. The latest daily source is not recommended for production use. In addition, the latest daily source may not be in synch with published versions of the Ed-Fi Data Standard and/or the latest documentation.

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