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During the installation process, Ed-Fi Admin App (v2.2+) and Data Import allows users to opt-in to product telemetry and to submit product feedback. Any information shared allows the Ed-Fi Alliance to improve the features and functionality based on real-world use. If enabled, telemetry and feedback are subject to the same conditions as specified in the Ed-Fi Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Below is information on individual aspects for product improvement within Admin App and Data Import.


If the product improvement feature is enabled, Data Import uses Google Analytics and Salesforce / Community 365 to gather page view and usage data of the product, as we do with and other Ed-Fi web sites.

What Is Collected

  • Page views of individual web pages within the application
  • General location, domain name, IP address, administrator email address and other attributes as common with Google Analytics
  • Versions of ODS / API instances, database server software and operating system
  • With in Data Import:
    • Titles of maps ("Grand Bend Sample Assessment") and types of agents ("SFTP") when created
    • When the Transform-Load service begins and ends

What Is Not Collected

  • Instance data or API transactions
  • Anything that may be personally identifiable

Product Feedback via Ed-Fi Tracker / Jira

If the product improvement feature is enabled, Data Import will connect with Ed-Fi Tracker (our Jira-based work tracking system) to receive feature requests and bug reports (as also available at Each logged-in Data Import page will have a "Submit an Issue or Idea" button in the lower-right corner. Clicking on this will open a product feedback form.

The product feedback form can be used to submit a new product idea or issue with the product. Once input details are submitted, the information provided will be used to create an EDFI queue ticket on Ed-Fi Tracker.