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This page is no longer being maintained. The current Ed-Fi approach is to operationalize data out via actual tools: see Fizz Instructional Systems Toolkit

How Do You Access Google Chrome Data?

The Remote Learning Student Engagement Tracking project has produced a Google Chrome plugin that can be used to track the websites a student visits: see Remote Learning Student Engagement Tracking. This can be used to ascertain if a student visited a particular website on a particular day. 

This data is transmitted to an API that the school district hosts; from there, the data can be analyzed.

The solution provides for a whitelist in order to protect student privacy - only website visits on the whitelist (presumably district instructional system) will be monitored,

What Data is Available via the API?

  • Website visited (by URL) and date time of the visit.

Data Not available

  • The plugin is not able to look at more detailed student actions or work during these website visits. It provides only a record of visits.

Tools to Help

See Remote Learning Student Engagement Tracking toolkit.