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INPUT NEEDED: we are looking for an This page is no longer being maintained. The current Ed-Fi community members to contribute to and/or verify the information on this page.approach is to operationalize data out via actual tools: see Fizz Instructional Systems Toolkit

How Do You Access Canvas LMS Data?


Canvas LMS has an API that publishes a variety of data. Documentation can be found here:

Access follows standard patterns for REST API access, and should be straightforward for a developer.

Canvas Data Services

Canvas also makes available a set of data services, which can include user event data - see

What Data is Available via the API?

The Canvas API provides a lot of access, including:

  • Logins and logouts with date/times
  • Assignments and assignment metadata and status
  • Assignment grades and feedback (the API also allows the lookup of rubrics for these grades). The API also provides a history of grade changes over time, which could be useful for assessing student progress.
  • Assessments and assessment results ("quizzes") administered by the LMS

What Data is Available via Data Services?


INPUT NEEDED: anyone inspected this yet?

Data Not available

From the list of priority data elements, no gaps were seen. We invite community members to comment on gaps they may have.

Tools to Help

We have not found any API toolkits. However, we were shared some scripts that use the Data Services layer.