This version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API is no longer supported. See the Ed-Fi Technology Version Index for a link to the latest version.

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This section provides an overview of the improvements, enhancements, and fixes in the v2.3.1 release of the ODS / API. A comprehensive listing of all changes is documented in the Release Notes section. 

Hotfix Release - Version

A hotfix was released on March 13th, 2018 to address a regression in supporting extensions. See ODS-1863 CLOSED for more details.

Improvements and Bug Fixes - Version 2.3.1

This release includes updates to incorporate non-breaking changes to support a maintenance release of the Ed-Fi Data Standard (version v2.0.1), plus a number of bug fixes contributed by the Ed-Fi Alliance and implementers. 

The Ed-Fi Data Standard v2.0.1 was released in December 2017 to address issues discovered with v2.0 in field use. The changes are entirely non-breaking, additive-only updates, and will have no impact on existing Ed-Fi ODS / API clients. For more information, see Ed-Fi Data Standard v2.0: What's New - Updates and the discussion on ticket ODS-1787 in the Ed-Fi Tracker.

Full details of the release are cataloged in the Release Notes

Improvements & Enhancements - Version 2.3

This section briefly describes new features and enhancements built into the ODS / API v2.3 and provides links to additional documentation. 

The primary focus of this release is to deliver internal code reorganization and refactoring improvements, that will ease upgrade and migration to future versions. New implementations of the ODS / API should use this release, while existing implementations may choose to wait until there is a need to upgrade.

Source Code Reorganization

Assemblies have been organized around units of deployment rather than technical categories. Among other benefits, this reorganization was required to enable decoupling Ed-Fi ODS / API core components from extension components (ticket ODS-964).

T4 Template Re-engineering

API code generation components were converted to a more robust and maintainable approach. The work involved converting the current T4 templates to Mustache templates, and decoupling API code generation from a direct dependence on the ODS database schema (ticket ODS-1289).

Developer Support

In ODS / API v2.3, we've moved to requiring Visual Studio 2015 as the developer environment (and have deprecated support for Visual Studio 2013). For more information, see Getting Started - Installation Steps (ticket ODS-1271).

We've added documentation describing how to connect to the ODS / API using PHP

Improvements were made to the Swagger experience to display a visual indicator when the Swagger landing page is initializing and an indicator for the current authorization status (tickets ODS-1065, ODS-1146).

Bulk Load Support

A number of improvements were made to the Bulk Load pipeline (tickets ODS-1009ODS-1058ODS-1059ODS-1061ODS-1125ODS-1144ODS-195).

Bug Fixes - Version 2.3

This release also includes a number of bug fixes contributed by the Ed-Fi Alliance and implementers. Details are cataloged in the Release Notes.


What's New Documentation Contents

Find out more about what's new in the latest version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API:

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