The installation steps are here in the Ed-Fi Exchange entry.

Brief summary with pictures

Know your Azure login and setup:

  • Download the Cloud ODS and API
  • Open PowerShell in Admin mode and setup your workstation correctly with AzureRM: 

Install-Module -Name AzureRM -RequiredVersion 3.7.0 --AllowCLobber

  • From the place where you downloaded the package, (unpack it and) run:

.\Deploy-EdFiOds.ps1 -ResourceGroupLocation "South Central US" -InstallFriendlyName "My ODS"

  • And in a short bit:

  • Copy the URL shown in the PowerShell window:

  • And launch the Admin App to continue setup. (Click the button to continue of course.)

  • Now get your license

Congratulations! You are up and running!

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