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The SAT/ACT metrics allow educators to identify students who require support in either completing or performing well on a college admission test, a prerequisite for acceptance to most colleges and universities.  Any student who has not taken one of the tests, but is eligible based on grade level, is immediately flagged for intervention. Having access to this information early, educators and counselors can work with students to identify and eliminate barriers to taking the test. For example, students may require information on when and where to register for the test or, in the case of financial difficulties, information on how to obtain a fee waiver. 

The metric also allows educators to quickly identify students who have taken the test, but have not scored at or above the specified state criterion. For these students, educators can review detailed information regarding the student’s performance in each subject area of the test in order to provide appropriate and prompt academic support.   

Ideally, teachers and counselors should review SAT/ACT performance on a monthly basis to ensure timely identification of students in need of support. The tests are offered several times per year, creating multiple opportunities for educators to intervene and help struggling students be successful in taking and passing the test.

SAT/ACT Metrics


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