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The Ed-Fi Alliance publishes a set of .NET binaries and databases with each ODS / API release. These binaries can be used to deploy a non-extended version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API that has the as-shipped database model. The binaries are useful for system integrators and others wanting to deploy a "core-data-model-only" ODS / API quickly and easily.

These files also support developers creating automated deployments for cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Some deployments which use these binaries are currently published in the Ed-Fi Exchange.

These binaries are available for versions of the ODS and API from version 2.3.1 onwards and include minor and major point version changes. Note that patch release versions will be provided at the Alliance's discretion.

The binaries are published in a Azure Storage account at:{version}/{filename}

The file names are:

  • EdFi_Ods.bacpac
  • EdFi_Ods_Minimal_Template.bacpac
  • EdFi_Ods_Populated_Template.bacpac

For example, the 3.2.0 version of the WebApi is available at: 


Find out more about how to begin using the Ed-Fi ODS / API:

The populated template database that is shipped with cloud binaries is a near 1000 student dataset. Ed-Fi Alliance also provides a larger Glendale sample database with around 50,000 students. could be used with Azure Cloud ODS deployment.

The following binaries are also published to the Ed-Fi MyGet Feed:




EdFi.Ods.SwaggerUIBinary for ODS / API Swagger Online documentation


 Binary for ODS / API Admin App


Binary for Sandbox Admin App


Binary for ODS REST APIs


Binary for ODS / API SDK

EdFi.RestApi.DatabasesBinary for ODS / API database scripts
EdFi.Samples.OdsEd-Fi Populated Template database backup


Binary for MSMQ monitor service used by bulk load API

EdFi.Ods.BulkLoad.Services.Windows.BulkWorkerBinary for MSMQ monitor services used by bulk load API
EdFi.Ods.CodeGen.ConsoleBinary for Code Generation