Lab Prerequisites

Attendees at these sessions will be doing hands-on exercises using the YES Prep Family Engagement Portal published in the Ed-fi Exchange. You will need to provide your own laptop and have access to one of the  Cloud tenancies setup earlier this week.

There are two prerequisites for this lab:

  • 1: Have a VM with the Ed-Fi ODS API (v3.1.1 or v3.2) installed and up and running. (This will ensure that most of the dependencies have been installed.)
  • 2: Download a v3.1.1 ODS database from here: and restore it on your VM SQL Server instance. 

    • If you already have a "EdFi_Ods_Populated_Template" please delete it and restore the one in the EdFi.Samples.Ods.3.1.1.nupkg file.
    • To unzip the EdFi.Samples.Ods.3.1.1.nupkg file. Change the extension from .nupkg to .zip and extract the database file "Populated.Template.bak".
    • Then open your SSMS and right click on the databases and select the "restore database..." option and follow the prompts.
  • 3: The VM should also have "Visual Studio Community edition" 2017 or higher installed on it. (

  • 4: The VM should have the source code for the YES Prep "Family Engagement Portal" unziped to C:\Projects\Ed-Fi-X-ParentPortal\ 

Download zip here:

Lab Instructions

1) Login to your VM (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, On-Prem, etc)

2) Ensure MsSQL server is setup correctly: Open SSMS - SQL Server Management Studio   and connect to the local server. (Usually by imputing a period in the Server name: and hitting the "Connect" button.

Open servers properties and ensure that Mixed mode Authentication is enabled. Select "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode" and click the OK button.

On the Object Explorer pane on the left open Security → Logins,  right click on the "sa" user and select properties. Ensure Enforce password policy is not checked. Set "sa" password to "1qaz2wsx" and click the "OK" button.

Note: You would never do this in a production environment. There are may other secure practices that can be followed in this step.

3) Open Visual Studio Community edition as an Administrator. (This step is required because the "YES Prep Family Engagement Portal" uses the local IIS to setup the application.

4) Open the solution located at C:\Projects\Ed-Fi-X-ParentPortal\Student1.ParentPortal.sln and ensure that the "Student1.ParentPortal.Web" project is set as the startup project.

5) Compile the project by right clicking the solution and selecting "Rebuild All"

6) Database setup: Follow the instructions on the repository

7) Running the application: Go back to visual studio and hit f5. It should open a browser and show you the login screen.

8) Click the "Login" button and use the following credentials to login:

9) After SSO login it should drop you off on the Parent Summary page.

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