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The ODS/API Technical Overview is designed to walk through the technical aspects of the Ed-Fi ODS/API solution.  The topics are going to be covered in a hands-on lab format and hence the prerequisites should be completed ahead of the workshop.  We will cover Ed-Fi Databases, Websites, Source Code overview and how to extend the model using MetaEd.  


  1.  Bring your laptop
  2.  Download and install Ed-Fi ODS/API v3.3 in their development environment before February 7th 2020
  3.  Download and Install MetaEd 2.1


TimeTrack PresentersDescription

ODS/API - Technical Deep Dive Vinaya Mayya This will be a hands-on session and in this lab, you will understand the purpose of the Ed-Fi databases and get an insight into the source code

How to extend the Model using MetaEdSayee SrinivasanThis will be a hands-on session to extend the model

Q&A Ed-Fi Team
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