Using code generation tools, much of the data access code required for a client can be created automatically using metadata exposed by an Ed-Fi ODS / API platform host.

The metadata in the ODS / API v2.3 is based on version 1.2 of the Swagger specification.1 Java and .NET clients have been explicitly customized for use with the Ed-Fi ODS / API, but the Swagger Codegen project supports generating clients for additional languages if your client will be written in Ruby, Python, PHP, or some other language.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The links below provide step-by-step guidance for the C# and Java flavors of the customized code generation tools:

The step-by-step instructions reference a publicly available instance of an Ed-Fi ODS / API hosted by the Ed-Fi Alliance, so you can get started even if you haven't obtained a key / secret from another platform host. A technical overview of the generated code can be found in the SDK Reference section of this documentation.

1 In January 2016, the Swagger specification changed its name to the OpenAPI specification. As of this release, the Swagger toolset hasn't changed its identity, and this release of the Ed-Fi ODS / API still relies on version 1.2 of the Swagger specification, so we're sticking with the old name for now.